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Programmatic Advertising

Before programmatic ad buying was not available, digital ads were bought and sold by inside buyers and sales. Once upon a time, digital ads were expensive and unreliable. Programmatic technology has made ad buying very efficient, and profitable.This technology of buying ads is much more reliable, and a lot cheaper.
Is your advertising not giving you expected results or it is failing to reach your targets?
If the answer is yes, and we suspect it is (why else would you be here!) iOn Imagine Media has the tools to help you understand and gain experience with this technology. We’re experts at programmatic advertising, and can help you grow your business more rapidly. We are famous for effective programmatic advertising services in India, and worldwide.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not just about the promotion of your products or your brand, but also a channel to make long-lasting relationships with your existing and potential customers. It is very different from traditional marketing and it involves the use of multiple social media channels, and strategic, coordinated methods to enable any organization to truly optimize their marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing is incredibly important for a successful business to thrive, as it gives a brand the potential to engage pervasively and directly with customers. By giving them access to information in real time, wherever and whenever they want it, you are improving your relationship with them, and building their trust in your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

With the help of analytics and webmaster tools, we identify the current rank of your website in all search engines based off main search terms. The result pages of various search engines shows the correct and current position of your website, depending on your location and the query.

An important aspect of SEO is also evaluating the visual designs, navigation, and architecture of your website. No matter how beautiful is your website, to get ranking in search engine it needs to be SEO friendly. The analysis and evaluation allows us make recommendations as to how you should structure your site to improve how search engines rank your site.

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