Our Core Team

Randy Mills

Animation / Graphics

Randy Mills is a professional motion designer and visual artist. He currently specializes in creating logo and title animations, product renderings/animations (including CAD conversions), VFX including object removal/replacement and 3D match-moving, and producing complete graphics packages for film & television.

Meghan Burk


The master of many, Meghan specializes in elements of production, marketing strategy and project management, seeing the project from start to finish. She is a key client communicator, organized creator and connector, ensuring that your dreams are fulfilled and your finished project is more than you could have ever imagined.

Ryan Croke

Cinematographer / Still Photographer / Producer / editor

Cinematographer / Still Photographer / Producer / editor


Joe Hughes

Aerial Operator

With over 10 years of Aerial /  Drone work under his belt.  Joe specializes in amazing Aerial Cinematography and Still Photography.  Licensed and FAA certified and insured.

Olin Tichey

Marketing / SEO Web / Design

Marketing / SEO Web / Design

Prevesh K. Pandey

Marketing / SEO Web / Design

Marketing / SEO Web / Design

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